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Existing Godley Green Residents

The Council recognises that there is a long standing community of residents at Godley Green and that the garden village proposal and emerging masterplan will substantially alter the existing community and landscape if planning consent is granted.


During the pre-planning consultation sessions, the Council renewed its commitment to residents that they will be involved and consulted at every stage of project development. We will continue to listen to the Godley Green residents sensitively, through one to one sessions and group meetings so that they remain well informed of what is planned and how the proposal could affect them over the coming years.

The Council is continuing to review the masterplan in response to concerns already raised by Godley Green residents. For example, we are in discussions with them with regards to matters such as access and delivery, services and utility upgrades (including 5G broadband), flooding and run-off, views and buffers. 


Existing Residents Plan.jpg

Have your say

Your opinions, thoughts and ideas are crucial in helping to shape Godley Green into a garden village that we can all take pride in. This is your opportunity to get involved.

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